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Introducing MWF Panel Stacker

New feature: MWF Panel Stacker

StrucSoft Solutions is proud to introduce the latest addition to the MWF family of wood and light gauge steel framing software: MWF Panel Stacker. A purpose-built tool with the off-site manufacturer in mind, MWF Panel Stacker allows the user to organize, stack and optimize steel and wood framed wall panels for shipment, delivery and installation. An intuitive report feature allows the user total control and organization of his shipments and panels, while the software can be adjusted by the user to account for various truck sizes and transport rules.

Join us for a webinar May 9th 12:00AM EST to see the MWF Panel Stacker in action following the new MWF Pro Metal webinar.  Can’t wait? Contact us today for a personalized, one-on-one demo or you can check out how MWF Panel Stacker works in the short video here.



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