Structural Steel Fabrication

Are you using platforms such as Inventor®, AutoCAD®, Solidworks® or MBS® to fabricate structural steel components? With each software outputting its own file format, interoperability becomes impossible and the manufacturing process becomes time consuming without the right tools to feed data into your machinery.

Unify all parts files into the standardized DSTV (*.nc1) extension with our CMS solutions

We offer a one-stop-shop to quickly convert, modify and fabricate structural steel components. 


Speedily convert structural steel parts files and 2D drawings, from components into the NC1 format or create your own files from scratch.


Make modifications to your NC1 files exported from 3rd party platforms like Tekla® SDS2 or post-process your own converted NC1 files in CMS.

Easy Interface

Our solutions have easy to use interfaces, designed for beginners and experts alike.

Improved Efficiency

Reduce the time it takes to manufacture your single body parts and assemblies.

Easy Implementation

A lean platform that requires little set up time and smoothly integrates into current workflows.

Support Team

We provide constant support every step along the way to help facilitate productivity.

Solutions for Structural Steel Fabrication

CMS For Inventor

Plugin for all native and non native Autodesk® Inventor® files

CMS For Autocad

Plugin for 2D DWG and 2D DXF files in Autodesk® AutoCAD® 

CMS For Solidworks

Plugin for all native and nonnative SolidWorks® files.


Plugin for 2D DXF files exported from MBS®

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