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Streamline the production of your timber and light gauge steel components, optimize manufacturing sequences and edit CNC data.

Streamline the production of your timber and light gauge steel components.

Optimize the journey from Revit® to your CNC machine.

Discover our software designed to help you manage entire process from design to manufactured output.

We develop solutions helping you streamline all aspects of your production workflows within a comprehensive and highly accessible environment. 


Easily manage and modify your CNC output and make any last minute changes without needing to rework models in Revit. Feed information directly into your roll former for precise output of wood and light gauge steel panel components.


Set parameters to organize, bundle and stack wood or light gauge steel panels in various configurations. Get your panels delivered according to your sequencing priorities for easy on-site installation.


Reduce the hassle of job-site assembly. Review panels associated with each truck, pallet and bundle. Track each panel separately by generating QR codes and barcodes, and customize your stacking and BOM schedule reports.


Quickly upload Revit® models directly to the cloud and access your projects from anywhere with a web enabled device.


Access detailed framing data, edit and sort by component, and compare how the CNC code relates to the graphical operations.


Enhanced ability to review all panels using bar codes, status, manufacturing sequence and more, for full transparency in the factory and on the job site.


Get your work done without the need to work directly in Revit®, in an easy-to-use interface designed for all experience levels.

Production management software

Cloud based shop floor management tool to optimize CNC output, develop bundles and stacking templates. 

Export wall, floor and truss data directly into your light gauge steel roll former or automated wood saw

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