Everest Truss Designer

Engineer metal trusses outside Revit®

Create & Analyze Trusses

Everest is the first standalone product in the market helping teams create and analyze light gauge steel trusses outside of the Revit® and MWF environment. Create virtually any truss shape in Everest using automated profile creation or by manually drafting the envelopes. All trusses can then be analyzed according to AISI 2016 standards and ASCE 7-10 codes.

Back-to-back and truss analysis and design configurations allow users to design LGS trusses freely

Truss Engineering Presets

Easily engineer metal trusses outside of the Revit® and MWF environment.

No Revit® or MWF licenses are required to operate Everest. Create custom presets for any type of truss including member sizes, common webbing or have diagonals only in compression or in tension, and load settings. Engineer trusses using multiple loading settings and combinations according to the ASI standard.

Truss Analysis and Design

Using the Truss Designer, users can display loads, analyze, and design their truss.

Quickly create point loads specific to a single truss with negative and positive horizontal and vertical loads and bring the truss into analysis view to select multiple types of distribution and point loads. Easily check the analysis diagrams for all possible load combinations including Moment, Deflection, Shear, Axial, CSI, and Envelope.

Engineered Truss Reports

Create reports after passing truss analysis tests to produce Fabrication Drawings, Engineering Drawings, and Detailed Engineering Drawings.

Create detailed PDF reports and review data for fabrication and load reactions:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Everest is a standalone software that does not require Revit® or MWF.

Unfortunately, Everest is solely a light gauge steel product.

Yes! Our technical team is well versed in all of our products. Reach out via info@strucsoftsolutions.com or fill in the contact us form to get started!

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