MWF Built
in Intelligence

MWF’s intuitive template manager recognizes Revit® elements and allows for the quick creation of multiple panels in your Revit® model at once.



Use pre-loaded libraries from top building component manufacturers including ClarkDietrich, CEMCO, iSPAN, Marino\WARE, SCAFCO and more.


Modeling Connection Members

Bring your level of detail to new heights by automatically modelling accurate connection members such as kickers, bracing, straps, hangers, hold downs, equipment supports and more.


Easily Create

Detect clashes between thousands of structural intersections and MEP within walls and floors in seconds.


Quickly Create

Quickly create ceiling and roof layouts, frame trusses, soffits and floors.



MWF’s truss designer engine gives the user complete control in truss shape, individual member size, types of gauge etc.

  • The McAvoy Group have successfully implemented the use of MWF Pro Wood for multiple projects in the business over the last year. Utilising MWF’s automation capabilities has eliminated wasteful workflows and processes, to enable the team to produce information more efficiently, with consistent outputs. The Autodesk Revit plugin enables us to use familiar software, shortening the time taken to implement MWF Pro Wood into the business. We look forward to further developing our knowledge of MWF Pro Wood, whilst utilising it to produce coordinated, multi-disciplinary designs that reduce mistakes and increase output.

    The McAvoy Group
  • MWF has really helped us standardize our building practices and provided us with the technology we needed to create more efficiencies in our home construction.  What’s great is that StrucSoft not only provided the technology to optimize our panelization work, but they’ve also volunteered to see how the panelization is being used in practice on our home builds. – Kory Whitaker, Real Estate Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

    Kory Whitaker Real Estate Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver
  • I love the nature of my work as Tech Manager at StrucSoft Solutions. The challenges that I am presented with each day helps me stay interested in what I do and it helps promote my creativity. I also love the friendly environment and appreciate the flexibility I’m given to balance my work and home life.

    Juliane Technical Services Manager