Professional Grade Cold Formed Steel Framing Software.

Automate and simplify the creation of metal framing within Revit®

MWF Pro Metal’s Ultimate Control

MWF Pro Metal leverages the power of Revit® to streamline your workflows and automate the creation of cold formed steel framing for any construction project.

Quickly and easily frame entire projects with user defined templates while conforming to existing conditions in your Revit® models. Use construction data to generate documentation, schedules, cut lists, framing elevations, shop drawings and more. 

MWF Pro Metal is the most comprehensive tool of choice for professionals on every project ranging from bathroom pods right up to billion-dollar healthcare buildings.


Quick Create Panels

MWF Pro Metal facilitates the creation of nearly all aspects of light gauge steel framing within your Revit® model.

MWF’s intuitive template manager can quickly recognize Revit® elements containing all information for accurate framing and then match each user defined template to Revit® wall or floor types. The software will then generate multiple panels with detailed framing in your Revit® model all at once.


Component Manufacturers


Use pre-loaded libraries of proprietary building components from the industry’s top building manufacturers.

Developed in conjunction with industry leaders such as ClarkDietrich, CEMCO, iSPAN, MarinoWARE, SCAFCO and more, MWF users can take advantage of the pre-loaded libraries and/or quickly create personalized libraries based on project specific requirements within MWF.


Connection Members


Bring your level of detail to new heights by automatically modeling accurate connection members.

Framing information such as kickers, bracing, straps, hangers, hold downs, and equipment supports can be modeled based on template information and existing conditions in your Revit® model using rough opening dimensions, panel widths, and heights, for instance.

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Clash Detection

Enhance project wide coordination with MWF’s clash detection abilities.

Sense all opening types and penetrations such as structural beams, MEP and Revit® wall types based on predetermined information in your Revit® model, and then automatically apply different opening conditions to frame around thousands of intersections and/or penetrants in just a few seconds.


Shop Drawings

Generate precise manufacturing data directly within MWF.

Create custom shop drawings, fully dimensioned BOMs, cut lists and optional 3D previews. Turn your Revit® project into a manufacturing asset by creating custom construction documentation that can be directly fed into your CNC’s interface for easy panel production and assembly.


Streamlined Fabrication

Easily export wall, floor and truss information directly into a format readable by your company’s CNC machine.

Many operations are supported including multiple knock-outs, notching, bird’s mouth cuts, hole cuts, members labels and more. MWF Pro Metal integrates with to AMS Controls, Beck Automation, Framecad, Howick, Knudson, Studmeister, Pinnacle, FrameMac, Arkitech and more. If your roll former is not listed, feel free to reach out to us regarding custom outputs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MWF Pro Metal is the leading metal framing software for Revit® users, that automates the design of walls, floors, ceilings and trusses, and simplifies their fabrication. MWF stands for ‘Metal Wood Framer’, StrucSoft’s flagship line of wood and light gauge steel framing software based in Revit®. 

Prior experience with Revit® helps, but isn’t required. Our training and implementation programs are will help you get up and running. Contact us at to learn more. 

We have several pricing plans to suit your needs. To learn more about our pricing, contact us at

Both. The user is able to set either metric or imperial measurements.

Yes. MWF integrates with a variety of roll forming machines, automated wood saws and robotic panelizing machines. MWF supports (and is not limited to): Howick, Knudson, AMS Controls, Framecad, Beck Automation, Studmeister, Scottsdale, Pinnacle and more.

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