Complete the Link Between Production Management Software and Machinery

A purpose-built tool for the off-site manufacturer.

Stacking and Bundling Tool

Onyx is a cloud based shop floor management software with features to manage CNC output and optimize sequencing and scheduling of panels for easy on-site assembly. Onyx can be accessed from any web enabled device without ever having to access Revit® models directly.  

Generate detailed documentation to review panels associated with each truck, pallet, and bundle for full transparency in the factory and on the job site.


Access Projects

Easily access multiple models from the cloud anywhere, anytime.

Onyx is a lean cross-platform solution that does not require Revit® licenses or high-end hardware to run. Seamlessly transfer data from the shop floor to the software and easily collaborate with design teams. ONYX enables production managers to access and control projects from anywhere at any time with live updates at their fingertips. 


CNC Editor

Make final changes and edits to operations and wall panels through an intuitive  browser based user interface.

Specific to the CNC machine you are using, users have access to certain operations within the CNC Editor and can manipulate said operations, cuts and punches before generating the CNC output. Enjoy a full 3D visualization of the project which can be sequenced for effective job processing.



Quickly select panels and add them to Roll Orders and Work Orders.

A range of sorting configurations per component is available. Members can be grouped and sorted throughout multiple panels, allowing you to create CNC outputs for members of similar gauge, profiles and more. Easily activate “Code Review” to compare how your CNC code relates to graphical operations and verify changes per member.

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Stack & Bundle

Manage and coordinate panel sorting, stacking, bundling and distribution efficiently according to your construction  priorities. 

Onyx’s platform provides you the ability to organize, bundle, and stack MWF panels onto trucks for easy shipping and assembly according to how they will be unloaded on the jobsite. Easily create templates for bundles, pallets and trucks, add panels to bundles, stack by sequence or by path, and color-code panel categories.



Unique Bar Codes

Track the panel manufacturing process every step of the way.

Unique alpha-numeric barcodes or QR codes can be generated and printed per panel and accessed through the panel page view when scanned through a mobile device. Detailed information, version history and status is easily viewed for project management and scheduling.


Shipping Reports

Customize and export shipping reports to CSV with the data required for easy installation on the jobsite.

Create custom reporting templates and populate them with user defined criteria. Toggle visibility of metrics such as panel count, gauge, length, weights, purchase order and more. Easily modify reports by adding or removing panels, manage user access privileges, and share reports as a web link or as a CSV spreadsheet. 

Easily access multiple models from the cloud anywhere, anytime.

A two-factor authentication system has been implemented to ensure that your account and credentials remain safer than ever with the Microsoft Azure | Active Directory B2C access management system.

Onyx is a cross-platform solution

No Revit® licenses are required

Access projects from anywhere at any time.

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