CMS DSTV NC1 Converter,
Viewer & Editor

Convert your Autodesk Inventor®, AutoCAD®, Solidworks® or MBS® parts to DSTV NC1 files, or create DSTV NC1 files from scratch. Visualize your components, make modifications and load data to your CNC machine.

Convert your Autodesk Inventor®, AutoCAD®, Solidworks® or MBS® parts to DSTV NC1 files, or create DSTV NC1 files from scratch.

CMS Standard

CMS Standard saves fabricators considerable time cleaning up DSTV files by allowing users to either bath process, adjust these files or to create DSTV files that are specifically compatible with the CNC machine used. CMS Standard is available as a standalone license or can be used in conjunction with plug-ins to Autodesk® Inventor® , SolidWorks® , AutoCAD® and MBS® .

A comprehensive CAD/CAM software application dedicated to the production and manipulation of DSTV-NC (NC1) file output format.

Available DSTV NC1 converters

CMS for Inventor®

This is a plug-in solution to Autodesk® Inventor®. Work with native and non native Inventor® files.

Designed for steel members and sheet metals. The plugin supports .ipt and .iam files.

CMS for AutoCAD®

This is a plug-in solution to Autodesk® AutoCAD®. Work with 2D DWG and 2D DXF files.

Support manipulation and NC1 file creation.

CMS for SolidWorks®

This is a plug-in solution to SolidWorks®. Work with native and non native SolidWorks files.

Convert single body part files directly from SolidWorks® platform.

CMS for MBS®

Convert 2D DXF files exported from MBS®.

Easy conversion of MBS® part files to DSTV NC1 format for use on most beam lines and CNC plasma cutters.

CMS Standard Standalone

DSTV NC1 file creator, editor, and viewer.

Create, and post process NC1 files, even from scratch.

We Integrate With Industry Standard CNC Machines

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What is a DSTV NC1 file?

DSTV-NC1 is an industry standard file extension created by the German Steel Construction Association (Deutscher Stahlbau-Verband). This is a text file in ASCII format, containing code readable by most CNC machines in the industry today. A DSTV text file contains notations for each element of a structural steel component.

With fabricators and engineers working in various softwares that produce their own native file extensions, the DSTV format improves interoperability and information exchange between multiple engineering softwares and CNC machinery.

Common notations in a DSTV file:











DSTV Conversion Service

Leverage more than a decade of experience in creating and converting ready-to-manufacture DSTV files.

Supported file formats:









How to get started

Contact us by providing us your single body part files from Autodesk Inventor®, Autodesk® AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®, or MBS® for conversion into the standardized DSTV (NC1) file format, used by most CNC beam lines, drills and plasma cutters.

Our service will streamline your workload, with fixed prices per part, meaning there are no surprises.

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Download our free CMS DSTV viewer

Looking to visualize and inspect your DSTV files? Download the free version of our CMS viewer. View and verify your components, check dimensions, holes, patterns, and cutting angles in a 360 degree viewing environment, all in a clean and intuitive interface.

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