Column Splitter

Win64 | Published 11/10/2016

Splits one or multiple structural or architectural columns by point(s), level(s), or reference plane(s).

Web Stiffener

Win32 and 64 | Published 6/3/2016

Add web stiffeners on one or more W-beams either by selecting the individual points or a distance over two points. The user can define spacing, offsets, insertion location, insertion side and stiffener size.


Win32 and 64 | Published 6/3/2016

Automatically copes a selected beam/column with any number of intersecting beams/columns, or copes all the intersecting beams/columns with the selected beam/column and applies an offset specified by the user (supports metric and imperial input formats since version 1.0.1). Now supports Revit 2016.