Meet The StrucSoft Team

Some of our international clients that use our software

  • "We have worked with StrucSoft Solutions on several occasions and every time I have been extremely impressed with their willingness to understand and support our project needs and goals. One of our prefabricated metal panel projects could not have been designed or built as efficiently without MWF. We even used the model to help plan how to ship the panels from our warehouse to the jobsite which was very effective."

    Aaron Wright VDC | BIM at Hoar Construction
  • At Swindale Associates Ltd we use Strucsoft's MWF Pro Metal software with Autodesk Revit to produce light gauge steel panels and structures in a BIM environment. MWF is vital to our business, it enables us to be highly productive and efficient, and adds the functionality to Revit we need to achieve the results for our success. The software has enabled us to produce highly complex steel framing solutions, from concept through to designs, drawings and Building Information Models.

    Swindale Associates Ltd.
  • In the UHS Temecula Hospital, DPR increased field productivity by 22% over traditional methods, and reduced framing re-work to 2% per floor by utilizing BIM framing with MWF and Revit.

    Phillip Atwood Drywall Detailer at DPR Construction
  • We had a project that required us to model all the studs and floor framing and generate documentations for it at a “shop drawing level”. We first tried to do it all using just out of the box Revit capabilities and families. We thought we did a good job but spent way more time than we budgeted. Then we got MWF and found out that we could have saved a ton of time to accomplish what we did with better formatting and presentation. MWF is very intuitive, user driven and very dynamic. Its a great add-on tool for Revit for Type V projects.

    Tito Montero Structural CAD/ Manager at KPFF Consulting Engineers
  • About 95% of the exterior walls on this job were pre-fabricated on the Palo Alto Medical Facility. With StrucSoft’s MWF, our material take offs were accurate, we were able to automate many unique conditions (such as wall joins, headers, and sills) and quickly output panel drawings, enabling us to streamline our operation.

    Casey Cardin CAD Drafter at KHS&S
  • We use MWF on all our projects. With MWF we are able to meet and, in most cases, exceed the expectations of our customers while giving them a more useful product in a more timely and efficient manner. StrucSoft has an outstanding support team. They have helped train and guide us through the vast uses and functions of MWF.

    Paul Godwin Central Estimating Manager / BIM Manager at Marek Bros
  • We are a steel framing and drywall sub-contractor, and I manage the pre-construction BIM coordination. I use MWF for 90% of my BIM modeling workload, and couldn’t imagine my job without it! The software frames out our walls and ceilings – a task that, if I had to do using Revit Structure alone, would take ten times longer. Even after the purchase and initial training of MWF, StrucSoft has continued to assist us. It’s nice to be heard – to be able to call with a question, chat with the support staff, and know that your feedback goes into the next release [a frequent occurrence].

    Lisa Marie Evans BIM Manager at Martin Bros. / Marcowall Inc.
  • We address a wide variety of framing projects – from interior systems to different types of structural framing, and we needed tools versatile enough to tackle all of them. We deployed Revit and MWF side-by-side, and found both easy to set up and learn. We implemented the basic features right out of the box, and have incorporated some of the more advanced features in MWF as our proficiency has improved and as unique projects have demanded more sophisticated approaches. StrucSoft Solutions has an extremely capable, friendly team – from the initial purchase, to training, to great ongoing technical support – they have helped us throughout the process. Our framing design has become far more efficient since we started using MWF. I highly recommend both this product and this company.

    Patrick Flood Director of Research and Development at Jobsite Steel
  • I love the nature of my work as Tech Manager at StrucSoft Solutions. The challenges that I am presented with each day helps me stay interested in what I do and it helps promote my creativity. I also love the friendly environment and appreciate the flexibility I’m given to balance my work and home life.

    Juliane Technical Services Manager
  • MWF has really helped us standardize our building practices and provided us with the technology we needed to create more efficiencies in our home construction.  What’s great is that StrucSoft not only provided the technology to optimize our panelization work, but they’ve also volunteered to see how the panelization is being used in practice on our home builds. – Kory Whitaker, Real Estate Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

    Kory Whitaker Real Estate Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver
  • The McAvoy Group have successfully implemented the use of MWF Pro Wood for multiple projects in the business over the last year. Utilising MWF’s automation capabilities has eliminated wasteful workflows and processes, to enable the team to produce information more efficiently, with consistent outputs. The Autodesk Revit plugin enables us to use familiar software, shortening the time taken to implement MWF Pro Wood into the business. We look forward to further developing our knowledge of MWF Pro Wood, whilst utilising it to produce coordinated, multi-disciplinary designs that reduce mistakes and increase output.

    The McAvoy Group