Offsite Construction Solutions

Quality of design, collaboration between trades, and the right documentation for manufacturing all play a crucial role in delivering your projects ahead of schedule, and under budget.

When it comes to framing, these benefits hinge on one crucial aspect - the design. How do you ensure your components are precisely formed?

Make better design decisions, improve inter-trade coordination and smoothly export to CNC.


Create your light gauge steel and wood framing, wall panels, floors, ceilings and trusses, with a comprehensive set of features to help you automate your workflows and build more efficiently in the Autodesk® Revit® environment.


Quickly edit operations and wall panels in a cloud based environment for full transparency on the job site. Accessible through any web enabled device, add panels to roll orders and work orders, produce the panels, and stack and bundle for easy shipping and assembly.


Seamlessly transition to manufacturing components by feeding data into CNC machinery, or saws. Manage the production of your panels. Extract detailed construction documentation including shop drawings, BOM, sch

Deliver your interior building projects on time and under budget with our software solutions


Leverage technology to eliminate manual repetitive workflows, with rule-based template creation and smart automation features.


Reduce team silos by working within a shared and centralized environment. Keep trades on the same page and reduce errors.


Build components with millimeter precision through construction documentation and integrations with numerous CNC machinery and saws.


Design your models to suit the way you build. With infinite possible configurations and materials used, you have full control over your design.

Solutions for Offsite Construction

Offsite construction software solutions for wood and light gauge steel framing

The most comprehensive light gauge steel framing software available in Autodesk®Revit®. Automate the creation of framing with ruled based template workflows.

All the benefits of Pro Metal, with the added capability to design and customize steel trusses.

We develop and implement software solutions to address project specific workflows. 

Cloud based production management for panels and CNC output in wood and light gauge steel.

Help your trades better collaborate over issues around critical masses in your project.

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