Home builders can leverage the power of Revit® with MWF Pro Wood

Organize, bundle & stack panels for transportation.

Output Revit® framing to roll formers, wood saws & wall panelizers.

Create DSTVs or import from DXF, Solidworks, Inventor & AutoCAD

StrucSoft has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver to help standardize and expedite their building process using MWF Pro Wood.

Learn more about how MWF can benefit your next project:

MWF has really helped us standardize our building practices and provided us with the technology we needed to create more efficiencies in our home construction.  What’s great is that StrucSoft not only provided the technology to optimize our panelization work, but they’ve also volunteered to see how the panelization is being used in practice on our home builds.

– Kory Whitaker, Real Estate Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.