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Strucsoft x EstiFrame’s Offsite Construction Solution: EasyFrame


We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with EstiFrame Technologies, as one of our key CNC partners with their flagship EasyFrame automated framing layout system. 

This strategic venture enables the users of Strucsoft’s MWF Pro Wood product line to significantly enhance their timber manufacturing capabilities, making the entire process more versatile and efficient. 

Before we talk more about what this joint collaboration entails for StrucSoft Solutions, let’s take a closer look at our newest partners EstiFrame Technologies.

Based out of Sacramento, California, EstiFrame Technologies was founded in 2017 as a consultancy specializing in the design of timber framing components for residential and commercial housing – primarily single and multifamily projects. 

Focusing on both the on-site and modular construction sectors, their first major initiative was the development of their own prefabricated wall and truss components facility. But how did they end up creating and selling their own saws? 


The EasyFrame Offsite Construction Solution

EstiFrame never intended to be in the business of manufacturing saws. They originally developed what is now the EasyFrame system, as an in-house solution for their own needs. However it didn’t take very long for EasyFrame’s market potential to get recognized. 


The question was inevitable:

What if we could make assembling a house as simple as putting together a piece of Ikea furniture? 

-Aaron Love, CEO, EstiFrame Technologies Inc. 

The saw was optimized for a wider market – not only residential, but for timber framing projects of all sizes and scopes. Soon the company began selling their product to clients across the States, and the business took off in leaps and bounds. After successfully selling their wall and truss facility to one of the largest framers in North America, they began focusing on their core offerings – the design, and the crucial process of making that design come to life as accurately and efficiently as possible.  

EasyFrame enables users to automate the output of framing components with millimeter precision, printing details on them with one of the most advanced marking systems in the market, ensuring construction on-site is smooth, simple and efficient.

Take a look at the video below


The EasyFrame saw is made up of modular components, allowing users to configure the machine to their requirements, adding or removing modules as required for their specific purposes. For example, the AutoLoader module which when fitted to the system, eliminates the need for manually loading timber onto the saw track. 


EasyFrame timber framing layout


The Leadership Team

EstiFrame is headed by CEO Aaron Love and CTO Coby Gifford, with both sharing extensive experience in the built environment. Aaron started off his construction career right from high school as a young designer, and has 17 years of experience in framing design and business development. Coby on the other hand has been a part of the AECO industry for well over two decades; as a proficient software developer he has engineered a wide range of solutions to optimize and automate the production of timber components. 

“Our process is to maintain the integrity of the design all the way to the job site. If you have a jacked up design, you’re going to have a jacked up product. That is why design is so crucial”. 

– Aaron Love, CEO, EstiFrame Technologies Inc. 


Wood Framing Software to CNC Output 

What does this partnership mean for users of the MWF product line? 

Our wood framing solution MWF Pro Wood integrates with the EasyFrame saw, allowing users to take full advantage of EasyFrame’s precision cutting and layout printing system. MWF Pro Wood’s features help yousimplify and automate the framing of residential, commercial, and mixed use projects with its added ability to model, coordinate, engineer and manufacture directly within the Revit® environment. 

Contact our product experts at to learn more about how this integration can benefit your wood framing project. Visit our website to learn more about our line of framing solutions. 

MWF wood framing software

For more information on our products or design services, visit, email us at or call us at 514-538-6862


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