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Use Revit Schedules as BOMs

Broadcast Date: September 21st, 2022

Improve Downstream Constructability between Revit and MWF

This webinar shows how MWF can be used to create a bill of materials (BOM) that automatically updates anytime changes are made in your projects, using Revit schedules.

What you will learn:

  • How to create a BOM using Revit schedules
  • How to place the BOM on your sheets
  • Use existing Revit schedule data to update your BOM.


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SSStrucSoft Solutions| Graitec Group is the market leader in comprehensive Autodesk® Revit®-based BIM framing, with both off-the-shelf and custom solutions targeting the AEC and fabrication sectors. Our star solution MWF simplifies complex Revit® framing with its powerful range of tools for modeling, inter-trade clash detection, custom construction documentation and optional output to CNC machines.

About us

StrucSoft Solutions is the market leader in comprehensive Autodesk® Revit® – based BIM framing.

StrucSoft Solutions is an experienced developer of solutions for the AEC and manufacturing industry.

About the host

Some of our international clients that use our software

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Our experts will walk you through:

How to implement MWF into your existing project life cycle.

How to navigate around the Revit® and MWF user interfaces.

How to access training material such as guides, e-books and the help center.

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