Home builders leverage the power of Revit® with MWF Pro Wood

1. Virtually infinite wall framing configurations are made possible with MWF Pro Wood. Create material schedules, cut lists, CNC output and dimensioned panel drawings with a single click. 2. Simplify the creation of rafter and truss roof systems. Create custom truss profiles or choose from our pre-existing templates. Export to dimensioned shop drawings and CNC rafter outputs for complicated birds mouth and end cuts. 3. Wood builders can finally leverage the coordination capabilities of Revit® by using MWF to manage clash detection with MEP and structural beams and columns. 4. Automatic detection of Revit openings. Handle multiple opening types within a single wall panel. 5. Use standard lumber or true to life manufactured products to quickly and accurate frame all aspects of your project. Floor systems and beams can now be sized and engineered using plugins for Forte by Weyerheuser and Sizer by Woodworks 6. Our new MultiLayer Wall feature can now accommodate multiple sheathing, furring and structural layers of walls adhering to green building standards of Scandinavia, Europe and North America

MWF Pro Wood is the ultimate Revit® add-on for wood builders. Capable of framing virtually any project from single-family homes, to large scale multi-family structures, MWF Pro Wood is purpose-built with wood construction experts in mind. MWF Pro Wood allows its users to create custom framing to define all aspects of wall, floor and roof framing. The software then automatically applies the framing throughout the Revit® model, simultaneously differentiating wall types, openings and penetrations throughout the project. With 3D framing complete, the project’s 2D panel drawings, cut lists, bill of materials and CNC output (optional extension) are just a click away.

MWF Pro Wood’s MultiLayer wall feature allows the user to build complex layered framing quickly and easily. With virtually no limitation to the number of layers, orientation of members or type of material used, MWF Pro Wood now complies with the latest energy efficient & green building methods in use today. Layers can contain sheathing, furring, clapboard, structural framing and more. Once your wall assembly is designed, a master template can be made and applied across the entire project, expediting complete framing creation and drafting.

Full Automation: With optional CNC output for MWF Pro Wood, you can turn Revit® into a manufacturing tool. Lumber cut lists and geometry are automatically sent to your CNC machine interface for simple and complex cuts including copes, rafter cuts and even electrical and mechanical passes. Assembly information can also be sent to Weinmann nailing bridges and panel machines for the ultimate in Revit® to shop floor manufacturing automation.

Engineering Capabilities: With MWF Pro Wood, you now have the built-in capability of linking industry-leading material sizing engines including WoodWorks and Weyerhaeuser’s Forte. Check and analyze complete floor systems or have MWF Pro Wood suggest the optimal member sizes based on Revit® loads, construction conditions, IBC and NBCC codes, and the user’s pre-defined joist selections.

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