ONYX allows users to upload their framed Revit® project to a cloud server for easy sequencing, scheduling, editing and CNC output from any web enabled device without ever having to download the Revit® file.

No Revit® licenses required
Access multiple projects from any web enabled device in the world
Panels are organized and filtered based on user defined criteria
Edits can be made through a 3D graphical operations viewer and editor
Download CSV files straight to the roll former or add to a roll order or work order
Access detailed framing information, status, and manufacturing sequence.
Bar codes or QR codes can be generated and printed per panel for easy tracking to site and to access the panel’s page when scanned on a mobile device
Make batch changes to CNC code and redirect panels from one machine to another from the cloud.
Stack panels into bundles, skids and trucks, and generate combined stacking reports.

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Stacking and bundling tool

StrucSoft’s Onyx platform provides the ability to organize, bundle, and stack MWF panels onto trucks for shipping. Easily sequence panels and automate bundling in the required order for onsite installation, and generate shipping drawings to review the panels associated with each truck, pallet, and bundle for full transparency in the factory and on the job site.

Stack Panels by Path

Quickly stack panels based on a path the user defines to create a logical stacking order while reducing the effort to stack an entire project

Define Templates For Company Standards

Container (bundle, pallet, and truck) templates can be developed by the user to ensure compliance to company policies when stacking projects to be shipped to the job site.

Visually Distinguish Panels by Category

Define a color pallet to distinguish panels by their respective categories allowing the user to quickly stack similar panels together

Automatically Bundle by Sequence

Create an install sequence and generate the necessary bundles automatically to ensure panels are delivered to the job site on time and in order

Automatically Generate Additional Padding

Define rulesets to automatically generate padding between panels to account for finishes or dunnage not included in the base MWF panel

Generate Shipping Reports & Drawings

Generate reports to review the panels that are associated with each bundle, pallet, and truck. Export shipping drawings for a graphical representation of the panels loaded in their respective containers.

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