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Top StrucSoft webinars of 2021

With over 40 webinars in 2021 covering everything from Revit® manufacturing tools to our new onyx stacking tool, view out our most popular ones here.

We’ve been busy this year! With over 40 webinars in 2021 covering everything from Revit® manufacturing tools to our new onyx stacking tool, we’ve compiled the most popular here in one post. Take a look below!

What’s New in MWF 

This webinar showcases updates from the MWF Winter 2021 build (version 2.37, build 7674) – our flagship wood and steel framing software. 

Some key features include: 

  • Custom sheathing layouts for multilayer
  • New marker manager UI
  •  The splice tool for wood
  • Multilayer edits wand for sheathing layers
  •  Add multiple anchor bolt families; and much more.


Shop Drawing Labelling 

Here we cover shop drawing labeling along with:

  • How to choose a labeling method
  • Smart tags,
  • Labels by method, and much more.


Foam Tool 

During this webinar, learn how to model and quantify batt insulation using the Foam Tool including how to:

  • How to use the foam command for batt insulation;
  • How to model the foam insulation between studs;
  • How to apply material and/or hatch patterns to the foam family;
  • How to create shop drawings with a BOM cut list specific for batt insulation. 


How to create MEP Shop Drawings 

A great webinar where we learn how to create MEP Shop Drawings and how to:

  • Create MEP specific elevations and dimensions
  • Create MEP schedules
  • Label MEP elements.



How to use Section and Plan View Options 

In this webinar we walk users through section and plan view options focused on telescopic panels, including: 

  • Learning how to create telescopic panels
  • Reviewing all the Telescopic shop drawings specific options
  • Learning how to specify your cut planes and clipping heights in the plan and section views.


Roll forming technology 101 

During this webinar, we take a look at roll forming technology including specific features and also factors you may want to consider when purchasing one. Here’s what is covered:

  • Roll forming technology and its purpose;
  • Basic types of roll formers and their differences;
  • Roll former operations, controllers, software for roll formers, and more.



Stud Packs – 

Here we find out how to place  your framing and stud pack markers for light gauge steel and also wood within MWF including:

  • How to place ATS and Cap Track markers using MWF marker lines;
  • How to add the HStud, Interlock, and Extra Vertical stud packs.


BOM Schedules and Shared Parameters 

Our most popular webinar of 2021, where we look at BOM Schedules and Shared Parameters, including:

  • What are shared parameters;
  • Where to find MWF shared parameters
  • How to work with MWF shared parameters
  • How to populate your bill of materials with accurate cut lengths and weights.


Custom Families

In this webinar users master how to add Revit custom families to MWF panels. Learn:

  • How to add custom families
  • How to add bearing posts to panels
  • How to add custom bridging clips
  • How to get custom elements to appear on schedules with accurate lengths and weights.


Modular Tool 

In this packed webinar our team covers the Modular Tool, in the ‘Walls’ module of MWF. We go over: 

  • How to create revit groups after panelizing walls; 
  • How to panelize walls in existing revit groups; 
  • Copy member on all identical groups command;
  • Copy members from group command, and much more.



During this webinar we learn about the different bracing options available within MWF including:

  • Flat Strap bracing with plates;
  • K-bracing;
  • MMV bracing.



What’s New in MWF

A two part series covering what’s new in our Summer 2021 MWF build (version 2.38, build 7892) which is compatible with revit 2022:

Part 1

What we covered: 


New options in Shop Drawings for labeling Sheathing
Plate Hole Diameter option in Wood – Plate Supported lifting method
Ability to add BIMSF_ScheduleLabel parameter to MultiLayer secondary layers

Option to regenerate Marker Lines
New Add/Edit lifting points command
Add blocking to sheathing edges
Delete generated by coordinates
Belly band sheathing generation
New parameters assigned to BIMSFDeckingSheet family

Part 2

Here we focus solely on trusses and the newest features that MWF offers for their creation and engineering. What we covered:

New Truss Manager UI
Option to select Exterior or Interior face of supports
Convert Physical Truss Assembly back to an Envelope Truss 

Advanced Metal:
Option to add live and wind loads to point loads
Pass nodes as supports to Truss Designer

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