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Top StrucSoft webinars of 2020

With over 30 webinars in 2020 covering everything from evit manufacturing tools to our new DSTV conversion services, we've compiled the most popular here.

We’ve been busy this year! With over 30 webinars in 2020 covering everything from Revit® manufacturing tools to our new DSTV conversion services, we’ve compiled the most popular here in one post. Take a look below!


1. How to Prepare your Revit model for MWF:
Whether you are a novice Revit® user or an expert, this webinar will make your light gauge steel framing or wood framing framing models and workflows smarter and more efficient for MWF. We cover:

Revit model refinement
 View setup
 Prepare wall types and openings
 Prepare floors and ceilings
 Set up for work-sharing
 MWF pre panel process

2. Common Misuses within MWF
Focusing on common misuses of MWF, our Revit® framing software, this webinar walks users through what actions to take to get back on track within MWF and towards effective framing. We cover:

 How not to use the edit commands
 Making the Revit model groups before framing the walls and floors
 Placing splits before creating panels
 Testing and saving templates in your main model

3. ONYX Series
ONYX, our new cloud based solution allows the user to create and manipulate all aspects of the production data from outside the Revit® environment. These webinars are part of a series which goes much more in-depth into our production management software. We cover:

ONYX Part 1

Creating your account
Adding users
Creating a project
Signing into ONYX using the ONYX Upload Center
Revit toolbar

ONYX Part 2

Project Viewer
Work Orders
Downloading the CNC file

ONYX Part 3

CNC Editor

4. MultiLayer Features
With virtually no limitations to the number of layers, orientation of members or type of materials used, precise framing data for all layers can be implemented to automate everything from structural framing to sheathing. During this webinar we cover:

Template maps
How to add Secondary Layers
Multi-Layer wall creation and regeneration
 Multi-Layer Shop Drawings
 Floor Sheathing

5. CMS for Inventor
This webinar will detail our new and improved CMS for Inventor plugin including how to produce and manipulate the DSTV (nc1) file format with CMS directly within the Autodesk Inventor environment. We cover:

Modeling requirement for CMS compatibility
How to convert your Inventor part files to DSTV
How to process your Inventor assemblies
How to convert your SAT/STP/STEP/IGES files to DSTV NC1 files
How to use “Feature Recognition” tool in Inventor


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Strucsoft solutions logoStrucSoft Solutions is the market leader in comprehensive Autodesk® Revit®-based BIM framing, with both off-the-shelf and custom solutions targeting the AEC and fabrication sectors. Our star solution MWF simplifies complex Revit® framing with its powerful range of tools for modeling, inter-trade clash detection, custom construction documentation and optional output to CNC machines.



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StrucSoft Solutions is the market leader in comprehensive Autodesk® Revit® – based BIM framing.

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