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Secondary Shop Drawing Functions in MWF

Learn all about extra shop drawing options available in MWF for your wood and light gauge steel framing.

 The MWF product line allows you to generate detailed shop drawings for both wood and light gauge steel framing components with multiple elevation views, labeling styles and more. 

Besides the primary set of options available in the ‘Shop Drawings’ menu,  users have access to secondary options within ‘Drawing Operations’.

In this article we will quickly go over the basics of these extra shop drawing options and their functionality, as covered in our webinar. 

Webinar : Extra Shop Drawing Options in MWF


The options being covered include: 

  • Refresh Drawings
  • Override Hidden
  • Smart Tags Manager
  • Import Drawing V1 Settings
  • Generate Gather Sheets

Quickly Update Shop Drawings with Minor Modifications 

The ‘Refresh Drawings’ command helps you update existing shop drawings after any minor modifications have been made to your framing, such as the addition of extra vertical studs to a steel framing panel. These actions are considered minor as you are not required to ‘Regenerate’ the panel, and your shop drawings and material schedules will now include the new members with their respective dimensions. 

Changes that require you to Regenerate the panel – for example changes to panel properties, will not be updated by this option and you will instead have to re-generate your shop drawings once again. 


Display Hidden Elements 

Any non-MWF structural elements are by default hidden from your generated shop drawings. In case you would like to display specific Revit elements such as windows, pipes or certain electrical fixtures, the ‘Override Hidden’ command can be used to do so. 

In your Revit view settings you can unhide your selected elements, and click ‘Override Hidden’ in MWF. After that use the ‘Refresh Drawings’ option to update your existing shop drawing to display any previously hidden elements. These elements will update across 3D and plan views as well.  


Revit Smart Tags Manager


In some cases you might not have setup labels before your shop drawings were created. The Smart Tags manager allows you to add labels after shop drawings have already been generated, without having to re-create them. 

The Smart Tags manager displays a list of Revit Smart Tags that are available for loading. In order to correctly tag MWF elements you will need to have ‘Structural Framing Tags’ and ‘Structural Column’ tags checked, after which you can choose to create tags for selected objects or all objects in view. 


Import Older Shop Drawing Settings 

Import Drawing V1 Settings’  addresses users that have been working in previous MWF Builds and would like to maintain their shop drawing settings in the latest build. Certain options such as ‘Multilayer’ and ‘Standard Panel’ options have now been merged together. 

This is for an earlier build. When MWF had more different shop drawing options for multilayer panels and separate one for Standard Panels. This is for those who had their Revit settings setup for the v1 options for Standard Panels (now they’re merged) > this option allows you to import existing settings from the previous version to the new one. 


Auto Populate A Single Sheet With Multiple Shop Drawings


The Generate Gather Sheet tool allows you to generate multiple drawings for several panels within 

the same sheet layout. By default shop drawings will be generated per panel, per sheet. In that case the only way to combine more than one panel in the same sheet layout is by manually dragging the views. 

With this option you are able to generate drawings for the entire project in one go, or create them per level, and automatically fit in as many drawings as possible within a single sheet view. 


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