Our development team has been hard at work and we’re happy to announce that our summer build, version 2.37 (7543) is now available! Head over to your portal page and download the newest version of your MWF module today.


Here’s what has been released in version 2.37 (7543):




1. MEP Clash – Sheathing support added to the MEP Clash command

The option to cut sheathings (rectangular or round cut) will be available in the MEP Clash Hole Series Mapping.


MWF Sheathing

2. Set Panel Category

Set Panel Category will be available under the Edits drop-down menu, the information assigned to the panel will appear in BIMSF_Category parameter in the members properties.


MWF set panel category

3. Fastener Count Tool

The user will now be able to add Fastener Count information to panels. There will be one tab for Framing fastener count and another for Sheathing fastener count. After adding the information, the user will be able to generate schedules through the new Shop Drawings engine.


For the framing fastener count, users will be able to add information:


MWF Fastener Count Tool


For the Sheathing Fastener Count, user will be able to add information using Edge fastener and/or field fastener:


MWF Fastener Count Tool


4. New Extra Verticals marker options

A new option to tag members will be available in the Extra Verticals marker. User will be able to select the stud type for each member of the marker.


MWF extra veritcal markers


5. Telescopic configurations

This new tool will allow the user to assign telescopic configurations to Marker Lines. Telescopic Configurations will be located under the Tools drop-down menu and user will be able to create settings for Horizontal and Vertical lines.


                   MWF Telescopic Configurations          MWF Telescopic Configurations


6. New Create Marker Lines UI

The new dialog box will have two tabs: one for creating horizontal Marker Lines and another for vertical Marker Lines. The user will have some new options such as being able to specify the number of lines needed when using Regular Spacing, and the ability to assign Telescopic settings to the marker lines.


MWF Marker Lines


7. Replace Simpson DLL with Web implementation:


MWF Simpson DLL


8. Adding cut angle values to the properties of a wood members

When creating sloped panels with wood members, cut angle values will get automatically assigned to the members properties. These parameters will be available in Shop Drawings tool to be assigned to the Custom schedule accordingly to the user’s needs.




9. Options added to Header – Top of Opening in Multisystem Marker

MWF MultiSystem Marker

The same options available in “Header – Top of Panel” will be now available in “Top of Opening”. User will be able to see all the options by double clicking on top of the following options:

  • Box Header
  • Build-up
  • Interlock
  • Lintel Plate



10. Infill Header implemented in Multisystem Marker

The user will have a new option to add a Header placeholer to the Multisystem Marker. It will be possible to add a Label to the Infill Header as well.


              MWF MultiSystem Marker                       MWF MultiSystem Marker


 11. New Framing Lock command

A second locking option was added to the pre-existing Lock Panels command.

The Framing Lock option will allow user to lock the panel but still run some commands, which are the following:


MWF Framing Lock Command

Edit Hole Series

Regenerate Hole Series
Delete Hole Series
MEP Clash
Remove Existing MEP Hole Series






12. New HCR Simpson Lifting Hole Tool

The New HCR Simpson Lifting Hole will be located at the drop-down list of the existing Lifting Holes tool. The user will have the option of placing lifting holes and clips using Center of Gravity or User Selected options. In both situations the tool will automatically calculate the Center of Gravity of the panel, placing a generic model that refers to the location of the CoG along with the lifting holes and clips.

MWF HCR Simpson Lifting Hole Tool

MWF HCR Simpson Lifting Hole Tool

13. Add Visual warning for Lifting Holes to be rerun upon modifications to the panel

When changing a panel that has Lifting Holes assigned to it, a visual warning will appear to remind the user to re-run Lifting Holes too, allowing the center of gravity and lifting holes placement to be modified accordingly.


MWF Lifting Holes


14. Add/Edit Lifing Holes command in Tools drop down menu

Lifting Holes tool will be also accessible though Tools menu.


MWF Lifting Holes 


 15. New Clip Setting

The option of adding clips through Horizontals tool has been reformulated, it has more flexibility and covers several situations.

MWF Clip Setting


User will be able to select which members to apply clips as well as which side of the members the clips will get placed. It is also possible to add more than one set of configurations to the same panel.


MWF Clip Setting MWF Clip Setting


New ability to apply clips to rotated 90 degrees studs:

MWF Clip Setting


16. Add Nested Stud functionality to HStud Marker

This new option will allow the user to add nested members to the HStud Marker settings. It will be possible to determine the length and family of the nested stud.


MWF HStud Marker


Shop Drawings


1. Shop Drawings Multilayer + Standard:

Shop Drawings V1 has been replaced by Shop Drawings V2. Now the user will be able to generate drawings for both Multilayer and Standard walls using the same tool.


MWF Shop Drawings


2. Shop Drawings – Gather Sheet implementation:

The user has now the option of gathering shop drawings for several panels in the same sheet, this feature is available for Elevation and Floor Plan views.


                         MWF Shop Drawings Gather Sheets  MWF Shop Drawings Gather Sheets


All views will get generated using the same previously determined settings:


MWF Shop Drawings Gather Sheets


3. The option of placing Header Placeholder labels will also be available in the Gather Sheet tool:

MWF Shop Drawings Gather Sheets


4. Manually added annotations will now get saved to view and will remain after refreshing drawings:

MWF Shop Drawings Gather Sheets

5. A new dimension option will be available for angled braces:

MWF Angled Braces


6. New dimensions for Lifting Holes and Center of Gravity

MWF Lifting Holes


7. Fastener Count view will now be converted to a Revit Schedule.

MWF Fastener Count

8. Dimensions for Telescopic panels:

       MWF Telescopic Panels               MWF Telescopic Panels


9. Fastener Count Schedule for Walls

After adding data to the new Fastener Count tool, user will be able to generate fastener Count schedules. There will be the option to generate the schedule for framing or sheathing fastener count and to groups it by Fastener Type or Usage. There will also be two new optional fields available: Factory/Field and Notes.


MWF Fastener Count


10. Shop Drawings V1 settings import tool


The user can still import their V1 settings using the new Shop Drawings engine. This option will be available in the Wall Drawing Operations drop-down menu.

MWF Shop Drawings 




1. New Floor MEP Clash

MEP Clash tool on the Walls Menu will now support floor panels as well.


MWF Floor MEP Clash


2. Calculate Panel Weight/CoG command
The new command will be under Tools drop-down menu and will allow the user to calculate the Center of Gravity for Floor Panels. There will be also an option to Search for Non Panel Elements, if checking off this option, CoG will be calculated considering pipes/conduits or any other elements intersecting with the panel.

 MWF Panel Weight


3. Set Joist Hangers

Set Joist Hanger will be located under Tools drop-down menu and will automatically place hangers accordingly to the joist size.

MWF Joise Hangers


4. Option to Delete Joist Hangers

This option will automatically delete all Joist Hangers in the panel.


MWF Joist Hangers



5. Indicating Members as Drag Members
When using Indicate Drag Elements, BIMSF_Drag parameter will be checked off in the members properties. When a member of the panel has this parameter checked off, calculation of Sheathing Fastener Count will be considered as Edge fastening instead of Field fastening.


MWF Drag Members



6. Floors Fastener Count Tool

The same tool available in Walls menu will also be available in the Floors menu. The tool will be located in the floor Properties.

MWF Fastener Count Tool
The dialog box and its functionalities will be the same as the one in Walls:


MWF Fastener Count Tool


7. New Blocked Diaphragm option

In the floor Properties, a new Blocked Diaphragm option will be available. If checking off this option, Sheathing Fastener will be calculated considering the sheathings joists perimeter + panel perimeter. If unchecking this option, sheathing Fastener Count calculation will only consider the panel perimeter.


MWF Diaphragm


8. Add an option to Punch a Hole in the Center of the Blocking:


                  MWF Center of Blocking  MWF Center of Blocking


9. Add Flip Option for Blocking Bridging Type

This option will flip the blocking associated to the marker line.


MWF Bridging Type


10. Create Custom Subassemblies for Floors
The user will be able to Create a Custom Subassembly, add members to an existing subassembly and Manage all the subassemblies.

MWF Subassemblies floors


Floors Shop Drawings:


1. New Floor Shop Drawings (V2) Engine

The new Floors Shop Drawings (V2) will follow the same appearance of the new Walls Shop Drawings.


MWF Floor Shop Drawings

MWF Floor Shop Drawings


2. Floors fastener Count Schedule

The user will be able to generate schedules using the Fastener Count data, this feature will work the same way it works in the Walls module.


MWF Floor Fastener Count Schedule

All schedules will be generated as Revit schedules:


MWF Floor Fastener Count Schedule


3. New Gravity dimension option:

MWF New Gravity Dimension


Floors Engineering:


1. New UI for Forte

The user will now be required to have an account with ForteWeb and will remain logged in to facilitate multiple analyses until Revit is closed.


MWF Floor Engineering Forte UI




1. Reports to be updated for Brace and Capped Sections

MWF Trusses

For more detail on each individual feature, watch our “What’s New in MWF” webinar below:



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