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New Features: Winter 2022 MWF Build

Our development team has been hard at work and we’re happy to announce that our winter build, version 2.38, build 7991 is now publicly available! Head over to your portal page and download the newest version of your MWF module today.

Keep on reading to find out what was released

General Notes:

• Improved shop drawing generation. Available for all MWF modules.
• Improved floor work sharing workflow. Available for all MWF modules.
• Removed unused commands from the Truss Module. Available in MWF Pro Metal, MWF Advanced Metal and MWF Pro Suite
• Removed unused commands from the Wall Module. Available for all MWF modules.
• A New Notching Tool for ProWood and ProSuite.


1) The ability to “Notch” wood members in a panel
Notching settings can now be applied to the top and bottom tracks (receivers) where vertical members intersect them (extenders). Available in MWF Pro Wood and MWF Pro Suite.


2) A dynamic window for the Notching tools has been implemented
This windows lets users see in real-time the panel being updated with all the inputs. Available in MWF Pro Wood and MWF Pro Suite.

Notching dynamic window



1) Updates to Sheathing Editor

  • Users can determine the Layout Direction for sheathing. Options include:
    – At panel start
    – At panel end
    – At both panels start and end

    – At the center bay
    Available for all MWF products.

    Layout direction - sheahting editor

  • Layout Selection - vertically-staggeredIn the Sheathing Layout Editor, users can choose the Layout Selection. They can have either horizontally/vertically tiled sheathing or have horizontally/vertically staggered sheathing. 
    Available for all MWF products.

2) Added ability to rotate/flip the bottom track of a secondary layer in a MultiLayer walls
An option has been added to the bottom and top tracks that will allow a user to rotate the bottom and top tracks.  This function becomes important when users are using omega channels in the MultiLayer settings. Available in MWF Pro Metal, MWF Advanced Metal and MWF Pro Suite

rotate-flip tracks ML wall



1) Template Map and Quick Create Added
A new feature has been added to MWF floors which allows users to create a Template Map, blanket select multiply floors and then use the Quick Create option to frame multiple floor types at once. Available for all MWF modules.

Floors templatemap and quick create

2) Quick Search Added
Added the ability to Quick Search an existing floor panel within a project. Users can now find the floor panel by writing the panel name. Available for all MWF modules.

floors quicksearch

3) Sheathing dimensions for floors are now nominal sizes.
Available for all MWF modules.

Floor Sheathing dimensions nominal sizes

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