June 19th 2017 – New to the MWF family, MWF SIPS puts all the intelligence and automation of our popular MWF software into the SIP builder’s hands. Recognize wall types, define materials, thickness and shapes and let MWF SIPS automatically lay out your SIP panel project. Number your SIP panels, quantify splines, tracks and sills then output all the information directly to your shop floor with optional CNC output.

MWF SIPS allows users to:

  1. Define SIP type, shape, material and thickness for true to life material representation.
  2. Choose between spline types and connection details as well as routing preferences for joins and openings
  3. Easily move and reconfigure your SIPS for optimal placement
  4. Number and organize sips for manufacturing
  5. Optional CNC output for automated routing, cutting and manufacturing of your SIPS