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Accelerate your design and manufacturing process with the most comprehensive Autodesk Revit® based wood and steel framing software in the industry.

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For Wood Framing in Revit

Homebuilders and engineers rely on MWF Pro Wood for its end-to-end set of features that help you automate the design of your models and improve coordination by detecting clashes through walls and stud members. MWF Pro Wood generates accurate cut lists, shop drawings and CNC output to help manufacture and build your framing with ease.

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For Light Gauge Steel Framing in Revit​

The most comprehensive light gauge steel framing software in the market. Designed for architects, engineers and contractors alike, MWF Pro Metal turns steel framing in Revit into an efficient and quick process. Design walls, floors, ceilings, and engineer truss systems in an intuitive interface.

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What some of our clients are saying about MWF

Phillip Atwood

Drywall Detailer at DPR Construction

“DPR increased field productivity by 22% over traditional methods, and reduced framing re-work to 2% per floor by utilizing BIM framing with MWF and Revit”

Aaron Wright

VDC | BIM at Hoar Construction
“[…] our prefabricated metal panel projects could not have been designed or built as efficiently without MWF. We even used the model to help plan how to ship the panels from our warehouse to the jobsite which was very effective”

Alain Moylan

CAD & BIM Manager at Swindale Associates Ltd.
“ [MWF] has enabled us to produce highly complex steel framing solutions, from concept through to designs, drawings and Building Information Models”

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Frequently Asked Questions

MWF stands for Metal Wood Framer. It is StrucSoft’s flagship line of light gauge steel and wood framing software, based in Autodesk Revit. 

MWF Pro Wood, Pro Metal and Advanced Metal are based within the Revit environment, with an intuitive user-interface designed for users of all experience levels. 

You do not need to be an experienced Revit user to run MWF Pro Metal, but it helps. Our in-house technicians are here to train you and help you get started with using Revit and MWF software. 

We have several pricing plans to suit your needs. To learn more about our pricing, contact us at 

We are open to hearing your feedback, as well as learning more about your workflows and projects. Contact us at for more information.