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AI in the Construction Industry and How BIM Software Can Help

There is a new essential tool in the construction industry that will streamline every aspect of the job and turn your team into one single super-brain that can see through walls, fly over and through your project, notice errors, and see almost every future possibility or potential safety issue; AI.

Machine learning helps prevent costly mistakes by seeing every detail of your project. It’s called BIM software, and it’s changing the game forever.
Don’t fall behind in the industry. Adopt software and services to help your company stay competitive. The future of construction is here, so read on to find out more before you’re left in the dust.
BIM is Artificial Intelligence that will enhance your company, save you money, and bring your work up-to-date. Stay competitive in the industry by incorporating AI. You’ll thank yourself when your team becomes smarter, more efficient, cooperative, safer, and savvier.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an aggregative term for describing when a machine mimics human cognitive functions, like problem-solving, pattern recognition, and learning. Machine learning is a subset of AI. Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn” from data, without being explicitly programmed. A machine becomes better at understanding and providing insights as it is exposed to more data.Engineering and construction will need to catch up with AI methods and applications. That is the only way to contend with incoming market competitors and to remain relevant.

Benefits of BIM Software
BIM is Artificial Intelligence that will enhance your company, save you money, and bring your work up-to-date. Stay competitive in the industry by incorporating AI. You’ll thank yourself when your team becomes smarter, more efficient, cooperative, safer, and savvier.
Let Strucsoft Solutions be your go-to for all things BIM.
By using MWF, you will have the ability to automate modeling functions, clash detection, and manufacturing of light gauge steel. Automate wood framing like shop drawings, BOM, CNC output, and cut lists, to name a few.
AI and BIM software is completely changing how all projects in the construction industry are being handled.

Why Use Machine Learning?
According to ScienceDirect, Applying ML to real-life construction industry problems goes beyond just prototyping predictive models. It entails intensive activities which, in addition to training robust ML models, provides a comprehensive framework for answering questions asked by construction folks when intelligent solutions are getting deployed at their premises to substitute or facilitate their decision-making tasks

Cloud-Based Software Makes It Easy
By storing data on remote servers, cloud-based software is accessed by your team via the internet. Using this functionality, you can organize each panel of the structure in a folder.
Sort by ID number, panel name, version number, date created, length, height, weight, thickness, width, customization, area (for example, exterior or interior), host level, category, sequence number, job number, and more. Create a job, set the deadline, and share it with your coworkers.
Cloud-based software can also help you manage a roll order. You’ll be able to indicate machine type, machine name, and update the status of the order.

Stay Ahead of the Game
According to Constructible, the construction industry employs roughly 7% of the world’s labor force. Unfortunately, the construction industry is notably slower at adopting new technologies. However, that time has passed—at least in your universe—as you rise to new heights with machine learning on your side. Technology is evolving at an exponential rate, and StrucSoft wants to take you along for the ride.
Information resources are invaluable, so StrucSoft made it easy to gain access to comprehensive knowledge in a matter of seconds. You will gain access to many pre-loaded libraries of unique building components offered by ClarkDietrich, iSPAN, CEMCO, MarinoWARE, and more.

Better Design of Buildings Through AI Generative Design
AutoCAD had its day in the sun. AI in the construction industry is taking its place by leaps and bounds.
For example, if you build a wall in AutoCad, you’ll need to graphically draw the lines and then have someone come in and do the calculations of the area for painting. This is the old-fashioned way, and it takes a significant amount of your team’s time. BIM can do all of this for you and more.
Not only that, by using AI in construction, you will essentially have a virtual employee who can point out the smallest inconsistencies, suggest options and solutions, measure every angle and surface. All this while sharing part or all of the project with your team, when and if you so choose to collaborate.
New technology including BIM software and data ecosystems, augmented realities, precision led steel and timber framing machines has led to a more streamlined construction process with a higher output than ever seen before. Our Revit® manufacturing tools will give you the edge you need (No pun intended).

Let BIM Software Be Your Safety Expert
What if I told you that BIM software could anticipate these potential dangers on specific projects and warn you ahead of time? How many lives could be saved? How many injuries could be prevented using AI in construction?
Automated emergency response systems would get help for your team faster than ever before! (This is superhero stuff.)
According to HighSpeedTraining, some risks and hazards of working on a construction site include working at height and moving objects. With BIM software, you would protect your team from these hazards.

Protect Your Profit Margin
You have decisions to make, you need to compete with others in the industry, and you need to do it all without going bankrupt.
Let machine learning software be your guide when making the numerous decisions required in your industry. It will save money and give you a competitive edge in the market. Keep your business afloat by keeping it current

Check Out Our Revit Plug-Ins for Better Offsite Construction
So, you use Revit® and you love it, but have you harnessed its real power? Our plug-ins were specifically created to address the unique aspects of using certain materials. Our Everest plug-in will be your guide while engineering trusses in light gauge steel construction offsite.
We’ve got your back when it comes to construction AI-driven metal framing software with MWF Pro Metal. Check out our wood framing software, MWF Pro Wood, for offsite expert AI for all wood projects. Our Revit® construction software has countless benefits and adds ease and accuracy to any project.Â

Learn More About StrucSoftSolutions
To find out even more about what our software and services can do for you and your clients, please visit the rest of our StrucSoftSolutions website. We’ll be happy to assist you.
Whether you are in home building, manufacturing, construction, or a related industry, BIM software from StrucSoftSolutions is your new superpower for streamlining, safety, efficiency, offsite building, and more!Â
Don’t settle for free software. For a more comprehensive and thorough experience, follow this link for a free trial. Let MWF software give you the power to automate framing design.

For more information on our products or design services, call us at 514-538-6268, visit or email us at{{cta(‘3376e831-dc64-4659-90ca-0292502bc61f’,’justifycenter’)}}

StrucSoft Solutions is the market leader in comprehensive Autodesk® Revit®-based BIM framing, with both off-the-shelf and custom solutions targeting the AEC and fabrication sectors. Our star solution MWF simplifies complex Revit® framing with its powerful range of tools for modeling, inter-trade clash detection, custom construction documentation and optional output to CNC machines.


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